Credit Repair

credit-repair-familyYES…….YOU CAN OWN A HOME!

STOP listening to “friends” and self proclaimed real estate experts who tell you no, you CAN get a loan. We closed 300 homes last year. How do you think we did it? Simply, by helping people with income, credit or money challenges or a combination of all three!

If you have the following challenges, you can still get a loan.

1. Foreclosure
2. Bankruptcy
3. Short Sale
4. Judgements
5. Collections
6. Late payments
7. Credit score in the 500’s

Call us @708 307 0888 to find out how easy it is to get a loan. I get calls from buyers and agents all the time that have got rejected from a loan company only to get approved for a loan after they use my resources. Talk is cheap! I’ve got the track record to prove that it can be done. I’ve done so many deals that I am exposed to every program. I KNOW WHAT WORKS!

I also know of all the grant programs in the city from 2500 up to 30,000. Ladies and gentlemen that is free money that you can qualify for!

Fill out the form below to see which program you qualify for! The grants are free and so is my advice, take advantage of this opportunity!!!!

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